Outdoor or Indoor Table by Dsignedby

Dsignedby Discloses The Table T® Outdoor or Indoor Table

dsignedby, the designer of the award winning work Outdoor or indoor table by dsignedby explicates, Table T® combines smooth lines and strong materials. Like a futuristic candle in place for a romantic dinner, the soft glow of a built in led strip un <Cropped>

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Single Family Residential:a House by Chang Kyu Lee

Chang Kyu Lee Shares The a House Single Family Residential

Chang Kyu Lee, the lead designer of the displayed work A House - Single Family Residential by Chang Kyu Lee points out, The 'A House' celebrates interaction between families and neighbors while maintaining a strong sense of privacy and of o <Cropped>

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Delonghi Design Your Breakfast

New Idea Contest On Desall.com: De’longhi Invites You to Suggest New Concepts For Small Appliances Designed For The Preparation of Breakfast.de’longhi Design Your Breakfast-International Call For Entries New Idea Contest On Desall.com: De’longh

New idea contest on desall.com: de’longhi invites you to suggest new concepts for small appliances designed for the preparation of breakfast.De’longhi design your breakfast - international call for entries new idea contest on desall.com: de’ <Cropped>

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Award Winning Diana Bag

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Diana Bag

The lead designer of the highlighted work Diana - Bag by Acclaimed Designer points out, The bag has always two functions: to put things inside ( as much as it could be stuffed in it ) and to look nice but not essentially in that order.This bag meets <Cropped>

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Interactive Screen by Tomi World

Tomi World Reveals The Tomi-City’s Best Friend Interactive Screen

TOMI WORLD, the creator of the awarded design Award Winning TOMI - City’s Best Friend Interactive screen points out, TOMI is like a public hyperbolic smartphone in urban spaces. The easy interaction invites to action to find the contents and servi <Cropped>

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Snowball-Computer Mouse by Hakan Orel

Hakan Orel Demonstrates The Snowball Computer Mouse

Hakan Orel, the lead designer of the highlighted project Award Winning Snowball Computer Mouse illustrates, Snowball is designed to function in a reversed fashion regarding conventional mouse usage. Device has a simple yet eye-catching form completed <Cropped>

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Art Materials Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition Is Open For Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Designs

The indicator of quality and excellence, A' Design Award and Competition is open for submission from Art Materials, Stationary Supplies and Gift Items category. A' Design Award and Competition is open for all; concept stage, prototype or fi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Treeplets Public Leisure

Joao O & Rita Machado Spotlights The Treeplets Public Leisure

Joao O & Rita Machado, the lead designer of the highlighted project Treeplets by Joao O & Rita Machado explicates, This temporary bamboo structure is a public space intervention envisioned to fulfill three different possibilities of a futur <Cropped>

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Kalekent Sales Office by Rsg Interior Design

Rsg Interior Design Reveals The Kalekent Sales Office

RSG Interior Design , the architect of the awarded project Kalekent Sales Office - - by RSG Interior Design explicates, The Sales Office Project ‘Kalekent’ is located in Beylikduzu that hosts the mosaic of different cultures of Turkey and other n <Cropped>

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Kapok Shenzhen Bay-Hotel by Celia Chu Design and Associates

Celia Chu Design and Associates Exhibits The Kapok Shenzhen Bay Hotel

Celia Chu Design and Associates, the architect of the award winning design Hotel by Celia Chu Design and Associates points out, As designers place great premium in having implanted local cultural nutrients into our hotel interior design, so they work <Cropped>

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