Goldreed Industrial Design Award 2020

Gida 2020-goldreed Industrial Design Award-is The New International Design Award Sponsored by The Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute, With The Aim of Promoting At International Level The Concept of “harmony” Applied to Design.gida 2020-g

Gida 2020 - goldreed industrial design award - is the new international design award sponsored by the xiongan future industrial design institute, with the aim of promoting at international level the concept of “harmony” applied to design.Gida 202 <Cropped>

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Warm Up to Cool Down

Design Your Thoughts About Climate Change to Win a Wacom Intuos Pro Creative Pen Tablet; Exposure On Creative Boom; and See Your Work Printed Onto Ape Limited Edition Water Bottles to Aid Organizations Fighting Against Global Warming.ape Is a Biannual Des

Design your thoughts about climate change to win a wacom intuos pro creative pen tablet; exposure on creative boom; and see your work printed onto ape limited edition water bottles to aid organizations fighting against global warming.Ape is a biannua <Cropped>

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Armchair:arc by Hung Yuan Chang

Hung Yuan Chang Reveals The Arc Armchair

Hung Yuan Chang, the author of the awarded work Armchair by Hung Yuan Chang demonstrates, Arc Armchair was inspired by the modern architectures and the ponderation of space design on how to composite structures that are not over-decorated and form a <Cropped>

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Brand Packaging by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Demonstrates The Pepsi X 7up Chinese New Year Lto Cans Brand Packaging

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the project leader of the award winning work Pepsi x 7Up Chinese New Year LTO Cans by PepsiCo Design & Innovation points out, The Pepsi x 7UP Chinese New Year LTO Cans feature a creative direction that features po <Cropped>

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Calendar 2018 Tri-Leg-Calendar by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Discloses The Calendar 2018 Tri-Leg Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the lead designer of the awarded design Calendar 2018 Tri-leg by Katsumi Tamura says, The Tri-leg is a calendar made up of three-legged units. By assembling the triangular pieces and stacking them so they are easily visible, you can c <Cropped>

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Home: Design Your Dream

The Aim of The Competition Is to Manifest Into Reality The Idea of Your Dreams, and Create a House Based On It. The Competition Aims to Create a Pure and Highly Imaginative Expression of a Home That Will Have a Degree of Surrealism to It.‘’home Is Whe

The aim of the competition is to manifest into reality the idea of your dreams, and create a house based on it. the competition aims to create a pure and highly imaginative expression of a home that will have a degree of surrealism to it.‘’home i <Cropped>

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Cubic by Ari Korolainen

Ari Korolainen Portrays The Cubic Multifunctional Chair

Ari Korolainen, the maker of the highlighted work Cubic - Multifunctional chair by Ari Korolainen demonstrates, People have got use to that arm-chair and light are two seperate furniture. The challange has been, how to combine this two products to sa <Cropped>

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Office by Studio. Ho Design

Studio. Ho Design Reveals The The Box Office

Studio. Ho Design, the lead designer of the award winning project Office by Studio. Ho Design explains, This is a workplace where design idea is collected.Located in an old apartment beside the park, the retracted front yard is left blank for a broad <Cropped>

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Tea Experience and Retail:taetea by Jie Liu

Jie Liu Exhibits The Taetea Tea Experience and Retail

Jie Liu, the architect of the highlighted project Tea Experience and Retail:TAETEA by Jie Liu spells out, In this case, there are no multiple colors or complex elements in the interior, so that the design can return to its pure essence, thus creating <Cropped>

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Public Space by Jun Seong Ahn

Jun Seong Ahn Shares The Four Line Public Space

Jun Seong Ahn, the author of the displayed project Award Winning Four Line Public Space spells out, Four Line is a next-generation civil space that embeds pedestrian and automobile-friendly design by introducing past, present, and future of Park Aven <Cropped>

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