Table by Jeffrey Day

Jeffrey Day Exhibits The Ashtray Ct Table

Jeffrey Day, the lead designer of the displayed work Table by Jeffrey Day spells out, In developing the Ashtray coffee table, the idea was to take some of our societies outmoded or benign products and give them a new life; to alter the “image” of <Cropped>

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Office Space:eca Headquarter by Gudc

Gudc Shows The Eca Headquarter Office Space

GUDC, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Office Space by GUDC spells out, For our client who sees materials and texture the most important thing in the construction business, we took a simple approach of reflecting the nature of the materi <Cropped>

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Corporate Offices by Juan Carlos Baumgartner

Juan Carlos Baumgartner Discloses The Bridgestone Corporate Offices

Juan Carlos Baumgartner , the author of the displayed work Corporate Offices by Juan Carlos Baumgartner explains, The majority of the challenges that we will face as a society will generate the need to rethink many things: how we educate ourselves, <Cropped>

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Renkai Ma's Wanda Hotel At Sipsongpanna Hotel

Renkai Ma Designs The Wanda Hotel At Sipsongpanna Hotel

Renkai Ma, the thinktank behind the award winning project Wanda Hotel at Sipsongpanna - hotel by Renkai Ma explains, With a land area of 700 mu, this hotel group, one of the best mountain rain forest resort hotel in the world, is composed of three <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Frame Kitchen

Robert G-Wrkbnch Illustrates The The Frame Kitchen

Robert G-Wrkbnch, the creator of the highlighted work Robert G-Wrkbnch's the frame kitchen spells out, The frame is a new kitchen designed by Wrkbnch which units contemporary design and modernism. It is a suspended kitchen, unlike most of the ki <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Shu-Hui Huang

Shu-Hui Huang Reveals The The Dual Space Interior Design

Shu-Hui Huang, the designer of the award winning design The Dual Space - Interior Design by Shu-Hui Huang says, This project is a residential interior design, which the site of this project is featured by large area and long shape. The owners are a c <Cropped>

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Horizon Ma's Chinese Quiet Mood Sales Center

Horizon Ma Demonstrates The Chinese Quiet Mood Sales Center

Horizon Ma, the creative mind behind the award winning work Sales Center by Horizon Ma says, At the beginning of the designing Chinese Quiet Mood, with the owners have such a consensus and now the new Chinese project symbol is too strong and need cou <Cropped>

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Residential Villa:villa Otto by Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l

Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l. Illustrates The Villa Otto Residential Villa

Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l., the architect of the awarded project Residential Villa by Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l. explains, Villa Otto's ‘flying saucer-like' design was conceived with a dynamic elevation. The unique outward thrusting walls <Cropped>

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Residential House by Pepe Calderin

Pepe Calderin Presents The Latin Rhythm Residential House

Pepe Calderin, the creative mind behind the awarded design Latin Rhythm - Residential House by Pepe Calderin says, Pepe Calderin Design was contracted to transform 20 years old house, three bedrooms residence at Doral Isles into a five bedrooms res <Cropped>

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Residential-House:the V-House by Anson Cheng

Anson Cheng Demonstrates The The V-House Residential-House

Anson Cheng , the designer of the awarded project The V-House - Residential- House by Anson Cheng demonstrates, The V-House is one of a series of three-storey semi-detached houses located in Hong Kong, it is owned by a couple. Designer employs a mi <Cropped>

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