Darkness to Go-3d Animation by Cliffs Studio

Cliffs Studio Illustrates The Darkness to Go 3d Animation

Cliffs Studio, the creative mind behind the highlighted design 3D Animation by Cliffs Studio demonstrates, Orbis is a charity dedicated to helping the patients with eye diseases. In this project, we would like to attract the audience's eyes in a <Cropped>

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Permanent Exhibition by Amnh 3d Design Team

Amnh 3d Design Team Reveals The The Titanosaur Permanent Exhibition

Amnh 3d Design Team, the architect of the highlighted project The Titanosaur - Permanent Exhibition by Amnh 3d Design Team explains, Fossils of this specific Titanosaur, one among a diverse group of sauropod dinosaurs, were discovered in the Argentin <Cropped>

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World Graphic Day Poster Exhibition by Morteza Farahnak

Morteza Farahnak Portrays The World Graphic Day Poster Exhibition Visual Identity

Morteza Farahnak, the project leader of the displayed design World Graphic Day Poster Exhibition - Visual Identity by Morteza Farahnak explains, International Poster Exhibition held in Tehran was an invitational poster exhibition with the subject of <Cropped>

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Uv Disinfection Tableware Case by Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong

Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong Demonstrates The Ecodining Uv Disinfection Tableware Case

Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong, the creator of the highlighted work UV disinfection tableware case by Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong explicates, Innovative design features are applied to EcoDining.Streamline design and well round shape brings <Cropped>

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Necklace by Maria Laura Lucchetti-Lalla's

Maria Laura Lucchetti-Lalla's Shares The Pianeti Necklace

Maria Laura Lucchetti - Lalla's, the thinktank behind the awarded work Pianeti by Maria Laura Lucchetti - Lalla's explains, This is a unique necklace because of the way it has been thought, designed and created by Maria Laura. It closes on <Cropped>

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Museum Exhibition by Kai-Luen Shiau

Kai-Luen Shiau Designs The Above The Clouds Museum Exhibition

Kai - Luen Shiau, the lead designer of the displayed work Above the Clouds - Museum Exhibition by Kai - Luen Shiau explicates, The essence of the exhibition is to present visitors with the possibilty for firsthand experience. This exhibition design u <Cropped>

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Little Pocket by Dong Jiang-Uestc-Zhongshan Institute

Dong Jiang-Uestc-Zhongshan Institute Exhibits The Little Pocket French Fries Box

Dong Jiang-UESTC - Zhongshan Institute, the thinktank behind the award winning work Little Pocket by Dong Jiang-UESTC - Zhongshan Institute spells out, People always like to squeeze the ketchup on paper tray, and eat with french fries directly. Howev <Cropped>

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Fleet of Time Film Memorabilia by Beamy

Beamy Discloses The Fleet of Time Film Memorabilia Memorabilia

BEAMY, the maker of the highlighted project Memorabilia:Fleet Of Time Film Memorabilia by BEAMY spells out, The design team was commissioned to design a memorabilia for "Fleet of Time" (released as Back In Time in North America), one of the <Cropped>

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Optic Installation by Jonathon Anderson

Jonathon Anderson Shares The Opx2 Optic Installation

Jonathon Anderson , the lead designer of the award winning project optic installation:Opx2 by Jonathon Anderson explains, Opx2 is an optic installation that explores a symbiotic relationship between nature and technology. A relationship where pattern <Cropped>

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Award Winning Vapour Vapour Bar Exchange

Nexus Design Integrated Shares The Vapour Vapour Bar Exchange

nexus design integrated, the designer of the displayed work Award Winning vapour vapour bar exchange demonstrates, vapour bar exchange, works on variable pricing of all products as per the demand, a high demand beer will become expensive and a low d <Cropped>

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