Medical Treadmill:kardinero by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Kardinero Medical Treadmill

The lead designer of the highlighted design Kardinero - Medical Treadmill by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Kardinero is a treadmill used in the ECG Exercise Systems and designed for the diagnosis of heart diseases. While designing Kardinero the focu <Cropped>

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700bike by Dongdao Design Team

Dongdao Design Team Spotlights The 700bike Logo and Vi

Dongdao Design Team, the creative mind behind the awarded design 700bike - Logo and VI by Dongdao Design Team spells out, 700bike is an information platform for brands and trends of new generation bicycles. Originating from the time concept, our lo <Cropped>

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Darlielau's Dax Table Table

Darlielau Designs The Dax Table Table

DarlieLau, the thinktank behind the highlighted design table:DAX TABLE by DarlieLau demonstrates, Darlie Lau Studio produced the complex integration of abstract Dax stock index through a 3D computer program. A three-dimensional database has been crea <Cropped>

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Hakan Gürsu's Parabosol Water Cleaning Unit

Hakan Gürsu Reveals The Parabosol Water Cleaning Unit

Hakan Gürsu, the creative mind behind the award winning design Water Cleaning Unit by Hakan Gürsu points out, Parabosol Water Cleaning Unit is developed as an innovative solution towards deep rural water supply for rural communities who suffer from <Cropped>

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Award Winning Y2s Resturant and Show

Pan Liu Presents The Y2s Resturant and Show

Pan Liu, the project leader of the awarded work resturant and show:Y2S by Pan Liu illustrates, Y2S Restaurant & Show serves as a place for dinning, runway show and fashion collection. It is an unprecedent combination between food and fashion, whe <Cropped>

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Packaging by Northhook Design Studio

Northhook Design Studio Exhibits The Tic Tac Toe Packaging Packaging

Northhook Design Studio, the author of the awarded project Northhook Design Studio's Tic Tac Toe packaging Packaging says, All clothing items come in a sophisticated, multi-dimensional pack. There is no front or back, both sides are treated equa <Cropped>

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Eva-Basin Furniture by Iñaki Leite

Iñaki Leite Shares The Eva Basin Furniture

iñaki leite, the designer of the displayed design Basin furniture by iñaki leite illustrates, The inspiration of the designer came from the minimal design and for using it as a quiet but refreshing feature into the bathroom space. It emerged from <Cropped>

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Tangible Media Group, Mit Media Lab's Biologic Self-transforming Biological Skin

Tangible Media Group, Mit Media Lab Exhibits The Biologic Self-transforming Biological Skin

Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab, the project leader of the awarded work Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab's bioLogic self-transforming biological skin demonstrates, The bioLogic team explored how bacterial properties can be applied to fab <Cropped>

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Mvv Full Moon Season by Bond Creative

Bond Creative Demonstrates The Mvv Full Moon Season Mooncake Box

Bond Creative, the thinktank behind the displayed design Mooncake box by Bond Creative says, MVV Mooncakes were designed by Bond Vietnam to share a story of the MVV office-workers who have worked hard and devoted their efforts to their customer’s s <Cropped>

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Collectote-Multifunctional Bag by Yun Hsin Lee

Yun Hsin Lee Exhibits The Collectote Multifunctional Bag

Yun Hsin Lee, the thinktank behind the award winning project Multifunctional Bag:Collectote by Yun Hsin Lee spells out, Collectote is a 3-in-1 bag that allows you to organize everything. Separate your large messenger bag, while carrying your essentia <Cropped>

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