Kao, Chen-yuan-id.ncku's Paper Doll Shoes Interchangeable Functional Shoes

Kao, Chen-yuan-id.ncku Shows The Paper Doll Shoes Interchangeable Functional Shoes

Kao, Chen-Yuan - ID.NCKU, the lead designer of the awarded design Paper Doll Shoes - Interchangeable Functional Shoes by Kao, Chen-Yuan - ID.NCKU explains, The changeability of shoe surfaces on one base could present more different impressions. It <Cropped>

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Sea Studio's Sunshine White Cube Gallery

Sea Studio Reveals The Sunshine White Cube Gallery

SEA Studio, the architect of the displayed design Sunshine White Cube by SEA Studio explains, Sunshine White Cube (SWC) holds exhibition of modern art on a seasonal basis. The main function of this rental gallery is to exhibit artistic works made by <Cropped>

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Daisuke Iguchi's L.a. Vision Concept Aerodynamics and Ev System

Daisuke Iguchi Demonstrates The L.a. Vision Concept Aerodynamics and Ev System

DAISUKE IGUCHI, the creative mind behind the highlighted design L.a. Vision Concept by DAISUKE IGUCHI points out, This is sportscar styling and concept design for near future. This is air flow technology. Body is streamline shape that is nose stagnat <Cropped>

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Luca Andrisani's Miami Beach Residence Residential Condo

Luca Andrisani Shows The Miami Beach Residence Residential Condo

Luca Andrisani, the maker of the awarded project Miami Beach Residence by Luca Andrisani explicates, Located in a 1967 building called Oceanside Plaza designed by Morris Lapidus, Miami Blu is a renovated two bedroom apartment facing Miami Beach' <Cropped>

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Lab.11 Art Contest

Lab.11 Art Contest, Is a Call For Submissions Open to All Kind of Artists. Works Allowed in The Art Competition Are: Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Graphics, Mix Media and Video. a Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Pri

Lab.11 art contest, is a call for submissions open to all kind of artists. works allowed in the art competition are: drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, mix media and video. a great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cas <Cropped>

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Pulse-Foosball Table by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Pulse Foosball Table

The project leader of the award winning work Foosball table:Pulse by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The foosball table is a popular entertainment product that makes people enjoy playing a scaled football game, controlling the players with revolving r <Cropped>

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Restaurant and Cafe by Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang

Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang Reveals The Teawood Central Walk Restaurant and Cafe

Vincent Chi-wai Chiang, the lead designer of the highlighted design Teawood Central Walk by Vincent Chi-wai Chiang says, Intellectual design style turns this double volume architecture into a cafe with the design concept Study Studio, provides a spir <Cropped>

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Zhang Jin's Big Dipper Coffee Table

Zhang Jin Reveals The Big Dipper Coffee Table

Zhang JIn, the thinktank behind the award winning design Big Dipper - Coffee Table by Zhang JIn explicates, As its name, the design inspiration comes from the Big Dipper in the night sky. The seven tables provide the users with independent use of spa <Cropped>

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Tat Pin Mac, Chen's Octagon Lighting

Tat Pin Mac, Chen Designs The Octagon Lighting

Tat Pin Mac, Chen, the maker of the awarded project Award Winning Octagon Lighting points out, Octagon: Inspired by Bagua evolved from Tai Chi, Yin Yang and Wu Xing. Through the structural intersection of wood block, metal buckle, the delicate relati <Cropped>

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Figur Tourism and Congress by Kenan Ozcan

Kenan Ozcan Presents The Figur Tourism and Congress Office

Kenan Ozcan, the architect of the award winning project Office by Kenan Ozcan explicates, The building was sited on 1989 as one of the first shopping centers in Istanbul but was not used for about ten years. There are two storeys, roof garden, an atr <Cropped>

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