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Powered by 100% electric energy, this electric surfboard with a 45-minute autonomy.The Esurf allows its users, whatever their sporting level to enjoy surfing sessions anywhere in the world! Accompanied by a wide range of fun accessories, the Esurf R can be transformed to suit all tastes. In just a few minutes, the Esurf R changes into an Esurf Tube or EKart. The Esurf is a full carbon monohull electric surfboard it’s not only the most powerful on the market but also the most advanced.

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From a distance, AirBuddy resembles a miniature inflatable boat - a marine motive that creates emotional connection with the main customer segment, the boaters. With the vision to create the smallest, lightest, and most powerful recreational SSBA unit, the design is functional and naturally respects the laws of physics. Hence why the air reservoir (float) is using toroidal shape, the second-best shape (after sphere) to distribute the hoop and longitudinal stress created by the air pressure in its walls. AirBuddy's design conveys ease of use, yet robustness and technological excellence.

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How to bring the power rack into any modern living space without compromising the interior design? The Stoyka is a power rack for the modern home designed to look like high-end furniture, merging the home gym with storage capabilities. The integrated storage system slides out from behind the power rack's rear wall. For people who do not have enough time to visit gym or those who have to limit their activities for health reasons, the Stoyka gives an opportunity to perform a variety of physical exercises, including strength High-Intensity Interval Training, balance and flexibility exercises.

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Panda, a diversified interactive children's indoor rock climbing system design, is utilized to update urban children's sports experience in a rapid, disruptive model. The main structure of the system is a customized wall frame integrated with modular rock components. Combined with interactive projection to integrate intelligent technology into a marvelous rock climbing game. The interactive rock climbing system stimulates children's athletic talents to strengthen their bodies and entertain themselves in a win-win situation.

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Intelligent Bionic Robot Horse KH01 Pro

Intelligent Bionic Robot Horse adopts the motion simulation control system that simulates the movements of a running horse and thus can truly reproduce the riding experience, which fills the gap of the intelligent auxiliary teaching equipment for equestrian sports. This design solves the problems of inconsistent teaching standards and high operating costs and effectively promotes equestrian sports. Besides, the product can provide a variety of fitness and entertainment functions.

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The Action Communicator enables adventurers to speak while they ride, surf or ski. Whether on the slopes, the trail or the water, Milo provides uninterrupted conversation across an encrypted mesh network, delivering simple, phone-free, hands-free group communication in any conditions. Milo creates an experience users can trust in even the most extreme outdoor situations, with high connection reliability, clarity of voice and resilience to wind and background noise, all in a small, light yet rugged form factor. Advanced hardware and software are complemented by thoughtful design.

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